3-D Designs and Printing

Bring your ideas to reality by designing and printing 3D models that are purposeful in real-life. Work with a team to invent and design 3D models and prototypes that will showcase your creativity. Will your design appeal to a target audience? Participants will be exposed to a variety of problem-solving  strategies using SketchUp, a tool used by architects, builders, designers, makers, and engineers. (Elementary/Middle School Only)

FALL, WINTER AND SPRING SCHEDULE SATURDAYS     TUITION ( $150 for Six Sessions or $30 per Session)   

You may join this class at anytime!

3D Printing and DesignSaturdays201712:00pm -2:30pmFL3D-1533500-01$30
3D Printing and DesignSaturday20172:00pm -3:30pmFL3D-1533500-1A$30