Lego Robotics (Design, Build, and Program)

Get an amazing experience by designing, building, programming and testing LEGO based robots (EV3) to complete tasks and missions. Its fun and exciting! Participate in real-world STEM challenges as you build and program your robot to perform series of missions. Learn critical thinking, team building and presentation skills. ROBOTC AND LEGO ROBOTICS (Elementary and Middle School Only). You may join a class at anytime! FALL, WINTER AND SPRING SCHEDULE SATURDAYS     TUITION ($120 for Six Sessions, $25 per Session)   
Course Day Date Time Code Fee
Robotics Saturday 2017 12:00pm -1:30pm FLRB-1533500-01 $25
Robotics Saturday 2017 2:00pm -3:30pm FLRB-1533500-1A $25