Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Combo

You will use your imagination and creative thinking skills to design and build your own unique experience. Engage in hands-projects such as designing and building a roller coaster, designing and creating an hydraulically powered remote-controlled arm, and other amazing projects.  Apply the science of kinetic and potential energy, simple machines and friction by designing, redesigning, and building your own ultimate vehicle such as mousetrap vehicle that will drag and race other mousetrap cars. Participants will design and create a different gadget per session as they learn and apply the concepts of physics such as mechanical energy, work and power, friction, and other concepts of motion.(Elementary School/Middle School Only).

You may join this class at anytime!

STEM Combo (FLSC-1612130-01) 

Not sure what to register for? Delve into a combination of engineering, robotics, programming, and forensic science sessions. These sessions run simultaneously with our Mechanical Combo sessions.

FALL, WINTER AND SPRING SCHEDULE SATURDAYS     TUITION ($120 for Six Sessions, $25 per Session)   

Mechanical EngineeringSaturdays201712:00pm -1:30pmFLRB-1533500-01$25
Mechanical EngineeringSaturdays20172:00pm -3:30pmFLRB-1533500-1A$25