Opportunities and access to quality STEM programs are deficient in many communities. STEMWonders is dedicated to establishing and expanding STEM learning opportunities to underserved communities. The goal is to inspire, empower, and motivate students to pursue STEM related college courses and careers.

The mission of STEMWonders is to establish community-based STEM enrichment programs by providing high quality hands-on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics engagement for all students including the under-represented population in K-12; thereby promoting 21st century college and career readiness.

STEMWonders’ vision is for students in grades K-12 to gain exposure to real-world STEM concepts and experiences, in an engaging learning environment that promotes critical thinking, problem solving and innovation.

  • Commitment to STEM best practices
  • Helping to develop prudent decision making skills
  • Providing students with best opportunities for success
  • Helping to develop good interpersonal skills
  • Fostering the ability to value other’s strengths without focusing on their weaknesses
  • Embracing teamwork, honesty and integrity