Life Science: Dissection, Urinalysis, Medical Applications

“I dissected a sheep’s heart and saw that they have two valves to allow blood to flow in and out of the heart.” Participant – 6th Grade.

“I learned about the parts of the kidney and how to test for drugs.  I was surprised at the complexity of the urinary system. The earthworm dissection forced me to be delicate.  I have mastered that skill now, thanks to STEMWonders. I learned a lot from the heart dissection, specifically that sheep have a lot of fat around their heart.”  Participant – 9th Grade. 

“I dissected a wide variety of organisms and became skillful controlling the dissection tools. I gained poise because when you are dissecting an organism, you do not want to cut through the organs that you want to observe.” Participant – 9th Grade 

Forensic Science: CSI

“CSI sessions were fun. I did drug investigation and tested blood to determine blood types in a forensic science lab. I learned that if the blood agglutinates with Rh (anti-D) then it’s positive but if it does not it is negative.” Participant – 9th Grade.

“In forensic science, I did drug analysis, learned about drug investigation and how it is used in the real world.” Participant – 9th Grade.

“I analyzed blood to determine the blood type of suspects, this information was used to solve a murder mystery.”  Participant – 10th Grade.


Scratch Programming (MIT)

“I learned how to program two-player games on Scratch. I learned to use the MIT App Inventor to create a video game. It was cool because in the game I was able to shoot aliens.” Participant – 6th Grade

“Yesterday was fun because I learned how to make a pong game with one player on Scratch.”  Participant – 2nd Grade. 

“Yesterday was fun because I learned how to make my Sprite glide across the screen on Scratch. “Participant – 3rd grade. 

“I enjoyed how we were learning how to animate and program.” Participant – 5th Grade. 


App Inventor (MIT)

“When I become older, I want to work with computers, programming or doing animation. Learning how to do things like these at a young age is good for my future. “Participant – 8th Grade. 


Robotics with RobotC

“Yesterday was a great day! During robotics, I built a programmable robot which was very time consuming but I finally finished.  I look forward to learning how to program it!” Participant – 10th Grade.

“I explored robotics by building a programmable robot. Constructing the robot was tedious since I’m not the engineering type. Programming was kind of hard because I was just learning C ++. Overall, camp was amazing!” Participant – 9th Grade

“I had a lot of fun yesterday.  I had the opportunity to start building a programmable robot and to program a previously built robot to correctly run through a maze.  It was really fun but the MIT robot was not working well.  I will have to troubleshoot my program to figure out why tomorrow.” Participant – 9th Grade. 

“I personally enjoyed having to measure the turns the distance the robot that we created took. That particularly interested me.”  Participant – 4th Grade. 


3D Design and Printing

“I learned how to design with SketchUp and print with a 3-D printer. I designed and 3D-printed an iPhone case.  I thought this was cool and fun!” Participant – 10th Grade. 


“I learned how to use an electronic circuit board.”  Participant – 6th Grade. 

Engineering Design Challenge

“Yesterday was fun I like making the pulley.”Participant – 2nd Grade. 

“In the afternoon, I participated in the solar car design challenge where I was encouraged to be creative in developing different designs using the position of the solar panels as my independent variable.” Participant – 9th Grade. 

“I enjoyed working with other people and putting ideas together I also enjoyed pulling things from my imagination and making it in real life.” Participant – 9th Grade. 


STEM Makerspace

“Summer camp was fun. I did Robotics and learned how to tell the robot which direction I wanted it to move.  I learned the rules of DNA when I made the DNA bracelet.   A goes with T and G goes with C.   I made a model of a bridge and learned how to make a more advanced bridge.” Participant – 2nd Grade. Makerspace

“I made a movie on Scratch and I learned how to make a Dodge ball game. It was really hard but I kept working at it.  On MIT App Inventor, I created a Space Invaders game.”  Participant – 6th Grade. Makerspace

“Yesterday, I finished the virtual and physical challenge of robotics by completing a different kind of maze.  I also designed a 3-D Tree House with SketchUp, animated it, and learned how to put ‘scenes’ in the tree house.”  Participant – 7th Grade Makerspace

“I was able to complete the virtual orchard maze for robotics and I moved on to create a 3-D Design of a Campsite.  I was unable to finish but will continue working on this tomorrow.”  Participant – 8th Grade Makerspace

“I learned about DNA and made a DNA Bracelet, continued to work on my 3-D Design on SketchUp, and learned how to do drug analysis during CSI.”
 Participant – 7th Grade Makerspace 

“I learned to make a 3-D Tree house on the computer.  When I dissected a sheep’s heart, I learned there are four chambers of the sheep’s heart that blood flows through.” Participant – 8th Grade Makerspace

“Yesterday I learned how to build a model of a real bridge.  I dissected an owl pellet.  I learned an owl pellet is made of the bones of the animal the owl eats.  It digests the meat and coughs up the bones like a fur ball called an owl pellet.” Participant – 3rd grade. Makerspace

“I have learned a lot in the two weeks I was here and also made new friends who share the same interest as me.” Participant – 10th Grade. Makerspace
“I learned many things while at this STEM Camp. I learned about blood typing, what’s inside a computer, and how to extract DNA from a strawberry.” 
 Participant – 9th Grade. Makerspace

“In STEMWonders I learned that science is not something that just exists in the classroom. It’s in my everyday life. It made me more aware of it, and because of that, it’s been helping me to excel.”  Participant – 7th Grade. Makerspace

“Some soft skills I learned was that when something does not work I should not just give up or leave it as it is but I should go back and try to fix it by troubleshooting.”  Participant – 7th Grade. Makerspace

“This program has increased my interest in science, technology, engineering mathematics and related subjects.” Participant – 8th Grade Makerspace 

“I would like to be an engineer in future, so it was great working on some of the things that I like to do now and in future. Participant – 11th Grade. Makerspace

“It was all hands on, and it was interesting.” Participant – 6th Grade. Makerspace